Terratlantis, new partner and exhibitor.

TerratlantisBruno Therin, you are the commercial manager North / Île-de-France Terratlantis, could you introduce your company?
Aquatlantis has been a manufacturer of aquariums and terrariums for over twenty years.

Our company exports its products to more than 39 countries with a permanent concern to improve their quality. We master all the manufacturing steps of our terrariums that are designed in our assembly line in Portugal.

Tell us about your products, your projects?
We manufacture terrariums with PVC and aluminum angles in several colors as well as their respective furniture and storage batteries for the reptiles of the pet shop professionals.


We have recently developed the Terratlantis technical range, which includes everything needed for terrarium equipment: lamps, lamp holders, cables, plates and substrates, etc.

How do you see today’s terrarist?
Today it is primarily a consumer who seeks the product most suited to the welfare of his animal. The Internet makes it possible to improve quickly and the works are very well designed. Today’s terrarist is demanding and that’s great, we’re progressing together.

To this end, we have taken advice from professionals living to satisfy our customers who have a requirement and expertise in this business that is also our passion.

TerratlantisYou are now a partner of Reptile Day. Why this choice ?
We made this decision because the organization of the Reptile Day events fair has the merit of bringing together professionals, consumers and other players in our market with a qualitative and pedagogical approach for all generations.

This is without a doubt the terrariophile meeting of the year, so it is important for our development to bind us.

You will be present on the show. What is your objective ?
Indeed, Terratlantis will be physically present with a consistent presentation booth.
Our goal is to discover our range to the greatest number but also to listen to consumers to improve our products because we must always listen to the market. I insist on that but it is essential for us.