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Exhibition Regulations

Strict rules for the well-being of everyone, especially animals!


  1. The full payment must reach us before Friday, 15 days before the show. After this date, the non-payment of the amount due will result in the cancellation of any reservation.
  2. Your inscription to the show is only valid upon full payment.
  3. The organizer keeps the right to refuse any exhibitor without all the regulatory requirements.
  4. The number of bands is given by the number of linear meters paid:
  • Stand 1 to 3m entitles you for 2 bracelets;
  • Stand 4 to 6m entitles you for 3 bracelets;
  • Stand 7 to 9m entitles you for 4 bracelets;
  • Stand over 10m entitles you for 5 bracelets.
  1. Stands not occupied by 9h30 am will be considered as free and can be re-allocated.
  2. Any advertising outside the stand must have received prior authorization from the show manager.


  1. For exhibitors wishing to set up their stand the day before, the room will be open on Saturday, 3h to 8h pm.
  2. Access to the room will be closed during the night from Saturday to Sunday.
  3. Stands must be operational for the opening of the show to the public at 9h45 am.
  4. Immediately after unloading, all exhibitors’ vehicles must be parked in the free of charge and guarded parking.


11 . Sale of animals is subject to French regulations. It is up to each exhibitor to ensure the legality of its business.

12 . It is forbidden to keep animals belonging to the list of proscribed on the show and included in “Appendix to Regulation Reptile Day ” ( they are offered for sale or otherwise) species.

13 . Animals are presented in units (boxes, terrariums, etc. . ) Whose dimensions are appropriate to the species and number of individuals. They have a substrate compatible with their needs and conditions of humidity and temperature required for their kind renewal of the air must be sufficient .

14 . A label or a small poster with the characteristics of the animal offered for sale must be visible on or close to the box or terrarium (scientific name – common name – sex – origin – price …) .

15 . The organizer reserves the right to exclude anyone with harmful behavior to the smooth running of the event.


The inscription to the show will only be valid after full payment has been made.

Thank you to download the Annex to Regulation