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Reptile Day show presentation

Now Reptile Day is the meeting place of beginners, experienced enthusiasts and professionals from the world of “terrario”. It brings together in a cordial atmosphere those who wish to share, discover, or enhance a common passion.

International meeting, the show offers an unrivalled range of leading brands of accessories where professional and amateur breeders offer their best specimens.

This show allows the beginner to come in as a guest and leave as a true terrariophile in just a week end. All the elements needed to start well or improve are offered through a variety of ranges: terrariums, heating accessories and lighting, sets, substrates, materials of restraint, literature and food…

A multitude of exhibitors and institutions such as agricultural colleges, pet trade, associations and wildlife parks but also great specialized stores offer the opportunity to obtain advice, information, individual or professional training courses.



4 500 sq.m. of sales
750 meters of stands
More than 120 exhibitors
Over 13 countries represented: France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, England, Czech Republic, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium.

ARTOIS EXPO: 50 Avenue Roger Salengro 62223 Saint-Laurent-Blangy